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good evening.
It is Satorita.
I love soccer
The final of EURO2020 is over!
I was checked with highlights, but I was checked with highlights.
It was a very interesting tournament!
Best 16 of the winning candidate France is eliminated,
Fight for teammates (ace) that has fallen in disease during the game
Best 4 of Denmark, who showed a pleasure
It was full of things that I did not know if I mentioned.
I usually feel that the European league is also checked,
The depression of the players who carryed the country
It is totally different from the club team.
For the country, for someone,
I am impressed by the enthusiasm of the players.
I strongly with myself,
I think I will tell you about the clothes
(It was over in the first 53 years of Italy.
congratulations! )
Let's go to the product introduction today.
URIG 21SS 3Tuck Chino
3tuck chino pants
A new companion of Nagoya store from the 21SS season URIG.
"Clothes that love clothes."
"Clothes that felt clothes."
Designer's brand, of course, old clothes
Because it is a designer who loves all clothes
I am making clothes with the theme.
(For more informationHerefrom)
Bottoms introduced today is the brand concept
"Multi-style styling".
URIG 21SS 3Tuck Chino
The three-tack spacious pattern is
Silhouette that can be said to be a brand signature.
Casual atmosphere of Chino pants
Three tacks are sublimated to elegant impressions.
URIG 21SS 3Tuck Chino
The material used is
Soft tough organic cotton.
Because there is a sense of firmness, construction of silhouettes
It will be beautiful.
It will be soft when you use it, so it will be soft.
You can also enjoy your change.
URIG 21SS 3Tuck Chino
URIG 21SS 3Tuck Chino
Actually Aloha shirts, check shirts, etc.
If you meet with a casual shirt, the top quality of the pants stands out.
Silhouette is three-dimensional
We receive different impressions from common chinopans.
URIG 21SS 3Tuck Chino
Recommended is Tack In.
You can put out all the features of the pants,
It changes to a dressy impression.
Do not erase the goodness of other clothes,
Depending on the item to match
A universal one that a variety of facial expressions are drawn.
URIG 21SS 3Tuck Chino
Please take a look at the storefront, online.
↓ ↓ Online Shop ↓
Thank you very much tonight.
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239



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