Because it is rainy season

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good evening.
It is Satorita.
A rainy season.
This year, it will be about three weeks from the usual year,
I am suffering from my head recently.
On a day off
Laundry, cleaning, buying to the supermarket
Quite hard ,
If you are also the same if you
What kind of stress is resolved?
I spend a relaxing song perfect for rainy days
I am working.
If you do so, you will feel that the laundry and cleaning will come. Lol
In this time, the fashion is also hard in this time.
My favorite clothes will get wet.
Get dirty.
Introduction of items that eliminate such troubles in one shot.
RajBrooke 21SS Kerja JKT
Kerja jacket3
Southeast Asian culture to focus on Rajabrooke.
The climate in Southeast Asian countries is a tropical rain forest pain.
Half of one year is the climate called rainy season.
Squall falls even in the dry season,
Even if it says more than sunny, it is a good area.
Such daily wear of people in Southeast Asian countries
It reflects it to the design.
Rajabrooke 21sss kerja jacket
Rajabrooke 21sss kerja jacket
Rajabrooke 21sss kerja jacket
With Kerja Jacket Kerja (Cerja)
In Indonesian, the meaning of "work".
Local people have high proportions to work at farms and factories,
Work clothes essential for such people
Items designed as well as fashion.
Even in the collection of Rajabrooke
Change every season material and design
It is a pleasure that is proposed.
Rajabrooke 21sss kerja jacket
This season uses ultra-thin nylon lipstops.
This fabric is more practical in practicality to be seen in many military things.
Light and durable and hard to get dirty,
For example, if you wash it as dirt, it will immediately remove dirt
I have a merit.
The item name is a jacket,
Personally, the impression of the shirt.
It is an item that plays a big success at this rainy season.
Rajabrooke 21sss kerja jacket
Come to the next time's buddy.
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