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I like music.
It's not a good idea to play myself, and I'm not good at singing.
Still I love music.
I heard from the previous music to the latest songs that I am born.
I think that all the people who are good and bad are the same as fashion, and there is individuality there.
Listen to your loving song.
Speaking of which, I recently bought the Beatles short-sleeved sweats and van t.
Beatles listens well. Not only music but also their style and stance.
Listen to your loving artist.
I like the Van T of the Yuzu.
A variety of bands made trial and error, what made without thinking, and that, it may be a picture of that view that looked like dragging.
Its graphic is interesting to only know them.
(Boot product, like those who did not buy at that time, I also like fakes that have made dopher.)
The favorite band is buying well if you find it.
So there are many numbers, and after all summer will wear the van T.
Tell me the clothes that you wear well in summer.
INK 21SS CRACK Wear Image
5/22 (Sat.)
Price: ¥ 20000 + Tax
Three vanes that have been reborn as cracks that are switched like cracks in glass.
One point is completely different, and each has an individuality.
Three items do not know at all, the color of the graphics, the taste of the music, the designer themselves, and the designer themselves are made and made.
Mainly formed of blackbody, but among them,
Black things and liveliness, colored and slipped like gray, and the print itself is a bit thinner.
There is an individuality in one piece of three.
INK 21SS CRACK Wear Image
In our shop, nine points are developed with don and storefront, online shop.
Fully early people won.
You choose a t-shirt that you love from now on.
↓ ↓ Online Shop ↓
INK 21SS CRACK Wear Image
Then we are waiting for Saturday.
Image of Beatles
Image of Beatles
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