Be opened by hitting the gate

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good evening!
How is everyone···.
I can not say it very much ....
Why you ask
This humidity! !
When I woke up in the morning,
Heavy air skin with duvet containing moisture is closed and tailored,
Just walk from the station to the shop, the neck is wet,
Even when you are cleaning clothes in preparation, it is more than usual
I feel that my clothes are heavy, my arms are tired and I can not help it.
Most rains for a week from today.
No ~ This year is early in the rainy season.
The weathered weather continues,
Still May. Let's keep your mind hard!
Well, today along with styling
We will introduce recommended items.
I want to introduce today
Tucked shirt
Click here for styling using the item.


Belper 21SS Tuckedshirt Wearing Image 


The waist has a tack,
A deep V line is designed to the chest.
Because the fabric is linen, it is very comfortable.


Belper 21SS Tuckedshirt Wearing Image 


The chest is open roughly
West is tightening.
Very femininated lines, wearing adults at once just wearing.



Because I wanted points to the neck
Soduk Ribbon Long T-Shirt.




Belper 21SS Tuckedshirt Wearing Image




Lenz scarf pants.



Belper 21SS Tuckedshirt Wearing Image 


Because the chest is beautifully opened shirt
While making use of the design,
I also brought points to the neck.
It is very elegant.



Belper 21SS Tuckedshirt Wearing Image 
The sleeve part uses four original buttons,
Cufflinks are taken longer and they are accumulated in the sleeve
Silhouette is very beautiful.
There is a lot of choice if it is white shirt,
I don't think it's quite a white shirt of a woman.
If you are a woman, I want you to wear such a shirt ...
That's what I think.
Size is free.
If you want to squeeze more west in slender,
Please squeeze with a belt like apple.
Belper 21SS Tuckedshirt Wearing Image 
By doing so, it is more
Style up can be seen.
In the textile of Cotton Linen,
Items per spring and summer.
It is an item that looks like one, so I would like to wear it once.
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  Belper 21SS Tuckedshirt Wearing Image 
It seems easy to wear a white shirt
It is quite difficult.
It's too simple to get an identity.
At that time, it is elegant and using items with originality
You can make a difference from around.
This item can greatly contribute to differences.
I often wear items with usually a taste of old clothes.
But like this styling,
During a little different taste clothes
To try styling
Let me see new scenery.
I would like to see various scenery through clothes.
If you want to challenge a new taste,
Please call the staff at the storefront.
Palette Art Alive is a variety of customers and various clothes colors
It interacts to expand the possibility and grow.
I'm thinking of starting fashion, but I'm nervous to go to the shop, I'm anxious
There may be customers who are considered to be
We have also follow the same way.
Come on, I will carry my foot to the shop,
I think that you can touch it with a variety of fashions.
I am happy to meet you.
In Christianity
"If you hit the gate"
There is a word.
If you do not hit the gate at first, if you do anything,
Nothing does not start.
It is also blocked out of this situation, but
For a little breath,
I hope you will come back again with your feelings coming home.
I always welcome you with love.
We are waiting at any time at the store.
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!
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TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
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TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239




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