[-] Minus 2021 Autumn / Winter Collection Pre Order At Palette Art Alive Nagoya 5/21 (Fri.) ~ 5/24 (Mon.)

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Today is held this weekend,
Guidance of special events.
MINUS 21AW ordering party
[-] minus
5/21 (FRI.) ~ 5/24 (Mon.)
This time, Mr. Fujimoto, who was inspired
Hannah Woodman American Female Artist Wind Collection.
Another source is from 1890 to 1920 Miscellaneous clothes.
It is so-called work clothes.
Clothes in this age
It can not be found even if you go to the old clothes shop.
Design is not as fashion,
Because it was made to do something in the life of that time,
I do not know easily in the current lifestyle.
Through MINUS Filter Elements Unique to VINTAGE
It is a collection that is proposed as a fashion.
And this time with the new order party,
The following planning should not forget.
Minus21aw's Pre order
Yoshimasa blogBut it is written, but again.
"100years Jeans Project"
Welcome to this project. (Welcome to this plan)
1.Bring Your Worn Down Jeans. (Bringing a good jeans)
2. Discuss with US. (discussing with us)
3.Decide How Many Years Ageing. (I decide how many years of aging)
4.Choice Technics. (DAMEGED & REPAIRED, SASHIKO)
(Select the technique used)
5. Write Your Order Seat. (Write your order sheet)
6. Look Forward. (Looking forward)
7. You Do Not Talk About This Project. (Don't talk about this plan)
8.Walking Towards Tomorrow, Arrived The Jeans.
(If jeans arrived, it will be on tomorrow)
9.and Love The People On Your Side.
(And make people around you)
Denim, which everyone has,
If it is used for many years,
I think that it may be a fertilizer of the tan.
We bring a denim with each story for you,
You just make a special special book.
It is a project.
I have done a number of events until now, but it is my first attempt.
Where do you put any damage, processing?
Please think by all means.
※ This project is only 22 (Sat).
MINUS 21AW ordering party
5/22 (Saturday) also visited the designer Fuji Masato,
You can also consult with direct product description and denim planning.
We are waiting for many visitors.
Thank you for tonight!
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239




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