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The other day I appeared in the live story.
Through the live music, music thought it was a fight against the spirit.
On that day, I was conflicting that I wanted to escape on the stage.
My head was filled with the word "I want to run away" and I was also in a conflict
There was no qualification to exist on the stage.
Music who can create a state where people listening to people who are playing are integrated
"Good music"
I think.
However, I could not give all rooms to be integrated with the people you are listening to the people.
Really, I just were desperate to myself.
It was a sense of running on the way that I could not see anything I was able to see nothing.
I think there are various opinions,
I think that it is the "soul" of the player to influence the good and bad music of music.
The "soul" support is emotion. By putting emotions in music
The soul is transmitted to the person listening.
The playlist was the easiest and harsh battle for me.
That is, it is not good to express emotions
It is because it is not easy.
I will overcome the battle and finally I can put out the soul
I realized while running in a white dumpling.
But I chose music as a way to express emotions. 
I wanted someone to complain about someone in my favorite music.
I am not used to emotions
It may remain,
I want to challenge and grow music with courage.
And this time I would like to introduce such an item that I was very attracted.
Stripe Long Shirt
Tiit 17ss Stripe Long Shirt Wearing Image of Tiit SHIRT 
This image is an item worn as a wing.
Tiit 17ss Stripe Long Shirt Wearing Image of Tiit SHIRT 
The reason I was attracted by this item is, of course, in the concept of this season.
The concept of this season is
"LEAVE = leaving and leaving"
Conflict with suppressed emotions.
It is not too much when I put out my emotions in one step.
Collection that expresses a woman's dangerous fragrant momentary beauty.
The concept was very breasted.
The attraction of the item itself is, of course, when choosing clothes in the future
Put emphasis on the concept of brands and items
I want to worry about it while entering my mind.
Tiit 17ss Stripe Long Shirt Wearing Image 
Textiles use various colors such as green and orange,
It consists of two types of weaving.
Tiit 17ss Stripe Long Shirt Wearing Image of Tiit SHIRT 
Because it contains deep side slits in open colors,
It is possible to bind in front of this styling.
Personally, it is recommended to wear as a wow from above the sleeveless and camisole.
I would like you to wear it with Denim.
Tiit 17ss Stripe Long Shirt Wearing Image 
Click here for Apen's styling.
Tiit 17ss Stripe Long Shirt Wearing Image of Tiit SHIRT
Perverze Fit Line Shirt.
This item is a sleeveless brought to the button part.
STRIPE LONG SHIRT is very compatible because it contains orange.
We will raise the quality of styling at once with an impact item.
Tiit 17ss Stripe Long Shirt Wearing Image
An item you want to pass through the sleeves.
Because it is good with old clothes, it is also good to make a select debut from old clothes
I think it is very fashionable to choose this item in select debut.
In addition, more full-scale heat will attack,
I would like you to spend a day with positive feeling along with a wonderful item that is unwilling.
What this item feels back your feelings of your emotions
I pray from the bottom of my heart.
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We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
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