SHINYAKOZUKA 2021 Autumn / Winter Collection AS IT WAS "Allowed"

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good evening.
It is Satorita.
New brand that rising along with Osaka shop the other day,
We have a great deal!
Thank you very much.
1st Delivery is slightly remaining, so
As soon as possible.
Let's go to the product introduction today.
Shinyakozuka Look
AS IT WAS series.
2021 Spring / SUMMER COLLECTION from
As a new attempt of shinyakozuka
The item number started.
What is the content,
A famous type such as Levi's 1st or 501
The line that embodies without resurrecting it as it is first.
A funny attempt to be a brand.
21aw of Shinyakozuka's AS Painter WAS
21aw of Shinyakozuka's AS Painter WAS
21AW starts up the AS IT WAS series.
This is AS Painter WAS.
Workware brand carahartt
Imagine painter jacket and manufacture.
Carhartt is a duck fabric,
I use a rough tough material of eyes,
Shinyakozuka uses rigid denim.
While following the work atmosphere,
It is finished in an elegant impression.
121aw AS 90's WAS of Shinyakozuka
121aw AS 90S WAS of Shinyakozuka
AS 90's WAS
color:BIO WASH
Followed by the 21SS collection,
AS 90's WAS.
Integrated buggy denim that was popular in the 90's.
121aw AS 90S WAS of Shinyakozuka
Unlike Shinyakozuka's Signature "Baggy",
Silhouette of one tack.
The new color called BIO WASH is
A texture like one wash with rigid denim.
It is already softer, but there is no atmosphere
This is also possible to wear it.
121aw AS 00S WAS of Shinyakozuka
AS 00's WAS
Embedded skinny denim between young people in the 2000s.
Since shinyakozuka has a lot of spacious items,
When I saw for the first time at the exhibition, I received a very fresh impression.
"Not not" in a good sense.
But the concept of AS IT WAS is caught.
That contradiction is one interesting.
I felt that it was a challenge from the brand.
121aw AS 00S WAS of Shinyakozuka
It is easy to wear because the polyurethane is in a bit contains,
It is very cool when you put it in accumulating as a photo.
Some people may not wear it,
You will be able to pione out the unknown area of ​​styling.
I want you to challenge in the third type introduced today.
121aw look of Shinyakzuka
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Thank you very much tonight.
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
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