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good evening.
Today is Wednesday, but everyone has reported
I'm writing Kawamura.
This time, it was handling only in Nagoya store
I have finally seen Osaka's lineup.
I think there are many people knowing,
Introduction to brand.
Nobuo Otsuka, a designer, graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2013.
After that, he started Kozuka in 2015.
He has lived in London, and he has been inspired from clothes and scenery that he spent in the day of spending and reflects in the creation.
Brand concept, blur, Vague, Unclear, Hidden.
Keywords two of "vague" and "blur",
Based on the functionality and anonymity of workware and uniforms.
Speaking of brand, work.
Get the idea from the workwear and drop it into fashion.
I feel that it is a brand that can be a unique sense of balance with a wonderful and able to pause into various styles.
And this season is a more specific season.
Collection I challenged as a brand now because of the corona.
Expand a total of 6 lines such as new lines and collaboration lines.
The season name is
"Color charts"
Below, from the brand.
Depending on the impact of COVID-19, it feels that fashion should be approached, elements that require fashion, what fashion should be fashion much more than the 2010's.
From the current situation still in chaos, we made a collection of buffets that can provide various tastes to be able to enjoy every person than the course cuisine making a collection of one boiled concept, more light and enjoyable to all people .
A collection of omnibus format collected with various companies, brands and brands with historical, and the ability to collaborate with artists.
Choose and enjoy your color and quantity from the unique color of each brand, 'Color charts'.
First of all, I would like to provide the basics of fashion.
Designer Otsuka-san wants you to enjoy Shinyako ヅ with more light feeling.
While I feel tense at Corona, it's not a collection that is too much fear, so I can enjoy my fashion close to my familiar, and in the exhibition, what is this line and where to collaborate. I want to share with everyone who was fun I felt.
Well, let's look at the items that have arrived.
SHINYAKOZUKA 21SS AS70SWAS styling images
SHINYAKOZUKA 21SS AS70SWAS styling images
Line AS IT WAS that means "Ahime"
Create uncertainty without researching that denim.
SHINYAKOZUKA lines from the 70's FLA Denim, and today 1ST type denim jacket (here is not online.).
Because it is vaguely, design different from the original one, and silhouette are also different.
SHINYAKOZUKA 21SS Duster Styling Image
SHINYAKOZUKA 21SS Duster Styling Image
SHINYAKOZUKA 21SS HiSshirts Styling Image
SHINYAKOZUKA 21SS Tapered Baggy Styling Image
Court with a sense of transparencySakata introduces her blogWhat I did.
Shirts were made larger.
This is also a good item, so the back is deep, so
See more details.
By the way, the item name is HIS Shirt.
Please make a lot of imagination.
And pants tapered buggy, a brand signature item.
This is a new type, and no one has seen it.
I think that it is an appropriate item for the first appearance in Osaka.
↓ ↓ Online Shop ↓
A new brand that is the six brand of the six brand.
Not just increased, but it was also the case that it was such a situation,
Same as SHINYAKOZUKA, there is also a reason for us.
The meaning of coming to the shop, meaning to open the page, meaning to buy clothes,
When I stop there,
I feel that it is a certain meaning to provide more wonderful lineup.
Various individualities are mixed and new individualities are born in the place of palette.
I feel that it is an art that lives.
To that end, the choice is not our responsibility to continue providing a wonderful lineup while making it.
Well, I spoke a little more spare, but there is anything,
Let's choose while enjoying what you like like a buffet.
[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239





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