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The 21AW season started from TOGA that became our companion from the season. The first of the ladies, Fetico. Next time I thought that I would arrive next time,TAIGA IGARII was calling with the designer Kashihisa.
"From 7/3, let's let the brand's first delivery."
The third is a new handling mens brandTAIGA IGARIwas.
I knew the brand is March of this year. It's really good. I knew by the email I received from Mr. Shibashi. The contents are self-introduction and invitation with one LOOK.
When you see the email you received, you will be viewed earlier if there is an attached image. Yes, I always eat the taste from delicious things.
There is a chair on the rug, there is a connection? One model wearing a jacket. Wow, it's a very large favorite. Oops, let's see the email.
When I saw the text, I was shocked. What is 1st Collection.
If so far, this will be sure. It is always.
And, but II think I'm an adultSo, I was killed and killed the feeling that increased to the exhibition.
On the day of the exhibition. The first fun this day, but the order of call was the last. To me from the main, I am too far to wait. Another adult, here is patience.
An exhibition was held on the second floor of a cafe where people gather. A total of 10 types of interior, clothes hanging on the wall of the wall, 20 types of two-color development. Because there is time, it will be decided to wear everything.
We will exchange greetings and chat with a little self-introduction. This time is very important for me. It's because it is an important time that the other party can feel.
The age is interested in Kashiwa-san who made this generation and this brand and this clothes, with only one age. I saw it from Look Book, but I was not able to endure, and I was touching the clothes if I realized.
  LOOK image of TAIGA IGARI's 21AW
Throw sleeves on a shirt in which flowers are blooming on the blackland. In such a case, it will be decided from the shirt. I got an eye on the handle, I did not notice immediately, but I remember clearly that the chest has pleats and I was excited. I have no eyes in this hand design, I broke the binding that I had to put up with myself because I was an adult.
Wearing one way while receiving an explanation, and finally I talked slowly and slowly. What concept do you do brand? What direction do you go to the brand?
One answer is
"Your Character"
When I heard that this season was him, I felt that this clothes were him when I heard that this clothes was him.Toga's LaunchBut I wrote that my ideal male statue and Male statue aimed at Mr. Kashiwa match.
In many fashion brands in the world, the brand that himself to the same ideal is thus the same ideal.
Wearing Daily Pajamars of TAIGA IGARI's 21AW
Wearing Daily Pajamars of TAIGA IGARI's 21AW
TAIGA IGARI's 21AW Pleated Flower Shirt Wearing Image
TAIGA IGARI's 21AW Pleated Flower Shirt Wearing Image
In 1st Delivery, a pleated shirt arrives in a pajamas set up of a flower that has a nice flower.
As for Pajamas, I want you to tack in and worn by setup.
Yeah, I think this styling is no doubt.
1st Delivery to be released on 7/3 (Sat.) TomorrowYou can see the item ofPalette Art Alive Osaka, Nagoyaonly.
Because there is such a reason, I personally want to support it, and after all special senses are different. I am very human and it's weak to this part.
And finally, I would like to have a comment to those who are reading this blog from Mr. Kashiwa, and I would like to conclude this blog.
Everyone, Nice to meet you, TAIGA IGARI designer, Ichibuna University.
I thought about various brand names and concepts to launch TAIGA IGARI initiatives. As a result of troubling, the answer that I got arrived is to projway some of myself, and I was nervous.
The reason is that I was attracted to something and I wanted to express my own beliefs than I was coined too much.
Under such circumstances, 1st Collection has its own characteristic, making my own characteristic, and made a clothes that you want to wear.
However, of course, if you do not know me, it may be difficult to transmit, but laughs
I would appreciate your understanding.
Concept as a brand is
"Clothes that keep surviving on memory"
I thought that it would be nice if you want to live on someone's memory, and I thought it would be nice if you have such a will if there is such a witness.
I'm glad if you can shine on your moments and memory that will take this clothes.
Hunting tiger
LOOK image of TAIGA IGARI's 21AW
  LOOK image of TAIGA IGARI's 21AW
Wear photo at TAIGA IGARI's 21AW exhibition
This season is a world brand that is more than 20 years, TOGA, and only two brands of new TAIGA IGARI, which are not yet out of the world, will be our companions.
21AWPALETTEARTALIVE Men starting from this two brand.
Where is the next launch?
[OSAKA] Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Nishi Ward 1-19-1
TEL / FAX: 06-6586-9560
[Nagoyaa] Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Mi-ku 5-18-5
TEL / FAX: 052-684-7239





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